opération nids-de-pouleThe Info-travaux section contains information on roadwork in progress or coming up on the Longueuil territory. Most of the projects are listed in French only and therefore can only be accessed by going to the French version of this page.

You will find descriptions of the roadwork being done as well as traffic constraints. Dates given are approximate since several factors, such as the weather, can have an impact on the roadwork. The information phone numbers are, as often as possible, those of the people responsible for the roadwork site with whom you can communicate in an emergency.

Information: Info-travaux

To ensure the safe and speedy work, citizens are asked to respect traffic signs near the sites.

Everything is being done to minimize inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

To learn about road conditions or to learn about the various projects underway on local bridges, consult the following websites: